About Crime Stoppers in New Brunswick

N.B. Crime Stoppers – crime prevention in your neighbourhood

New Brunswick (N.B.) Crime Stoppers is a charitable organization and community service program, focused on solving crimes and crime prevention in your neighbourhood. N.B. Crime Stoppers is managed by a civilian board of directors who establish policy, raise funds to operate the program, and authorize award payments to Tipsters.

About_officerCrime Stoppers is an effective world-wide crime-solving organization with the primary objective of combining the resources of the media, law enforcement and the general public to solve crime. A steadfast principal of Crime Stoppers is the ability to collect information or “tips” on crime and criminals from citizens. To get these people involved, and to overcome apathy and indifference, cash awards are offered for anonymous tips. To overcome people’s fear of retaliation, or fear of involvement, we guarantee total anonymity. Media is used to notify the public of a crime and solicit their cooperation in reporting information on the crime. Law enforcement takes the information received from tipsters and investigates; hopefully with a successful conclusion.

The distinctive feature of Crime Stoppers is that it is a community program, administered and overseen by our citizens. Crime Stoppers is not a police or government program. Simply put, Crime Stoppers is an extension of the community responding to crime. Our mission is to develop Crime Stoppers as an effective crime solving organization throughout New Brunswick, with the primary objective being: helping to stop, solve, and prevent crime -together.

N.B. Crime Stoppers is a member in good-standing of
Canadian Crime Stoppers Association and Crime Stoppers International

The mission of Crime Stoppers is
, “to create a safer, more secure New Brunswick.”

Crime Stoppers, through its relationships with Law Enforcement, the Public, and the Media, provides an indispensable service. Without Crime Stoppers and the guarantee of anonymity it provides to those who call in or submit tips, many criminal cases would go unsolved.

To ensure its success, Crime Stoppers depends on donations from individuals and corporations. Thanks to the tremendous support the program has received in New Brunswick, Crime Stoppers has been truly successful.

Why Do Wecrime_prevent Need Crime Stoppers?

Crime Stoppers is based on the principal that “someone other than the criminal has information that can solve a crime” and was created to combat the three major problems faced by law enforcement in generating that information:

  • A fear of REPRISAL
  • An attitude of APATHY, and
  • A reluctance to get INVOLVED

 Crime Stoppers resolves these concerns by:

    • Offering ANONYMITY to people who provide information about crimes.
    • Paying AWARDS when the information supplied leads to arrest or successful conclusion

Three Essential Elements Make Up a Crime Stoppers Program:

The Community: Citizens become more involved and make a strong contribution towards solving crime in their communities.

The Media: Crime Stoppers methods, objectives, successes and phone numbers are publicized on a regular basis by the media.

Law Enforcement: A special Crime Stoppers phone with a well-publicized number is provided to the community. Callers are assigned a special Code number and NEVER give their names or testify in court. If, after the investigation, the information leads to an arrest or successful conclusion of a case, the caller is entitled to a cash award.

Tipsters can also submit their tips online while continuing to remain anonymous.

The Crime Stoppers program has enjoyed great success boasting an average conviction rate of 95% on cases solved by Crime Stoppers tips. Crime Stoppers programs worldwide have solved over 1.3 million crimes and recovered over 10 billion dollars worth of stolen property and narcotics.


Message from N.B. Crime Stoppers, Inc. President:

In 2017, N.B. Crime Stoppers, Inc. celebrates its 32nd Anniversary, and as President of this unique crime-fighting program, it gives me great pleasure to look back and share with you some of our accomplishments. Over the years we have helped solve many important cases but we are unable to speak about them here, so we will just dwell on our statistics.

Together, we have helped law enforcement agencies solve over 8,274 cases, over 10,343 charges have been laid, and more than 8,907 persons arrested. This has resulted in the recovery of over $8.5 million in property, over $70.4 million in seized drugs, over $20.3 million in customs seizures, more than $16.3 million in solved cases of arson, and $3.1 million in solved frauds. We have approved $901,910 in awards to Tipsters. These are outstanding results.

In the past 31 years, we have been presented with 40 Crime Stoppers International awards in recognition of all of our members’ hard work raising funds and promoting our program. The N.B. Crime Stoppers program is recognized as one of the best Crime Stoppers Programs in the world.

As you can see, by working together with the public, media, and law enforcement agencies, we can do a lot to help our communities in the fight against crime. More crimes are being stopped, more crimes are being solved, and more crimes are being prevented because of N.B. Crime Stoppers.

With the help of all our dedicated volunteers, coordinators, supporters and partners, we will continue to be second to none.

Thank you for your support,
President / Président
N.B. Crime Stoppers / Échec au crime N.-B.


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